Exhibitor information

Mineralxpo || 16 & 17 december 2023

Build up times
Friday 15th of December14:00 - 20:00
Saturday 16th of December07:00 - 09:45
Sunday 17th of December08:00 - 09:45
Opening times visitors
Saturday 16th of December10:00 - 17:00
Sunday 17th of December10:00 - 17:00
Saturday 16th of December17:00 - 18:00
Sunday 17th of December17:00 - 20:00


Loading and unloading is possible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday via the parking lot at Middenweg 62 in Zaandam. The car cannot be left in this parking lot on Saturday and Sunday mornings. After unloading, you must immediately remove the car from this parking lot. You therefore pay a cash deposit of €50 upon arrival. You pay a deposit per vehicle. You will receive a deposit card from the parking employee for this. You will only receive this deposit back if you leave the loading and unloading area before 10:00 am. Please note: report to the deposit officer when you leave the parking lot to get your deposit back. If you leave the car park later than 10:00 am or if you have lost your deposit card, you will unfortunately lose your deposit. It is not possible to get the deposit back after 10:00 am.

To avoid delays at the loading and unloading area, we request that you have the appropriate cash deposit of €50 ready. We also request that you drive on and off via the designated entrance and exits.

PARKing exhibitors

After loading and unloading on Saturday and Sunday, the car must be removed from the parking lot at Middenweg 62. Exhibitors can park their car for free at Verdedigingspark, see image below. This is a few minutes’ walk from Taets Zaandam. Please note: we have received a request from Taets to follow the indicated route on the map below to reach Verdedigingspark, due to inconvenience to local residents.


No cars in the exhibition hall

At Taets it is forbidden to drive with your car into the exhibition hall. Trailers may be manually driven into the exhibition hall when uncoupled, only after consultation with the exhibition organisation. These cannot be left in the exhibition hall and must be wheeled outside immediately after unloading.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are a limited number of rolling containers available to use for loading and unloading your goods. We kindly request that you put the roll container back outside after use. The rolling containers may not be left in the exhibition hall during exhibition opening hours. Please note: there are a limited number of roll containers available, we advise you to provide your own cart.   

exhibitor entrance

The participant entrance for MineralXpo exhibitors can be found on the left side of the building, see the map at the top of this page. First report to the participant entrance as soon as you arrive. The exhibition organization will be present there and you will receive all information about your stand, parking, etc. The participants’ entrance is open until 10:00 am on exhibition days.

participant tickets

You will receive wristbands for the participants you have reserved. You must wear this wristband visibly throughout the weekend. You can only enter the exhibition hall with this wristband. It is not permitted to carry the wristband loose in a pocket or phone case. If you find it annoying to wear the wristband around your wrist, attach it visibly to your clothing, for example a belt loop. You will receive the wristbands upon arrival on Friday or Saturday morning via the participant entrance. Wristbands are not available through the main entrance.

Since we value the safety of our guests and products, we want to have control over who enters and exits. So report to the participant entrance upon arrival and immediately receive the reserved wristbands. There are strict controls at the entrance. We ask you to put on the wristband before you arrive on Saturday and/or Sunday, not at your stand.

Please note: everyone is checked. Whether you are a regular exhibitor, new or famous: we are all equal!


Chairs must be reserved in advance. It is not possible to reserve these during the weekend. Reserved seats will be placed at your stand on Saturday morning.


No additional materials such as shelves, hooks and top beams are available. You must bring these yourself. Extra supporters for the stand must be reserved in advance and are not available on location. We rent these from a rental company.

food & beverages

On Friday, free coffee and tea will be available for MineralXpo exhibitors during the build-up. The catering points in the exhibition hall are closed on Friday, we advise you to bring your own lunch and/or dinner. On Saturday and Sunday, various catering points are open in the exhibition hall where sandwiches, snacks, sweets and drinks can be purchased and consumed. There is a limited gluten-free and vegan range. (please note, these are prepared in a kitchen where other products are also processed, so they may contain traces of gluten, etc.) Providing your own food is of course also allowed.


At Taets there is a open WIFI network. We have been warned by Taets that the coverage of this network is not always stable when many people use it at the same time. That is why we advise our exhibitors to use their own hotspot.


Smoking is NOT allowed in the halls of Taets. Smoking is allowed outside at the entrance to the exhibition hall.


It is not allowed to burn incense or candles.


Is there something urgent or do you want to report something during the fair weekend? Please contact the organization via the mobile trade fair telephone number. This number can only be reached by telephone during the fair weekend itself and will be communicated to exhibitors via email prior to the fair. Text messages and apps to this number will not be read. Before the fair weekend you can contact the fair organization via info@mineralxpo.nl

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